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Using innovation, technology, and electronic signatures Cyberize It, LLC can legally notarize your document, anytime – anywhere! The online process can be done from your cell phone, tablet, or computer.

The remote notarization process has enhanced and revolutionized the notary process.  The process validates each party signing to ensure their identity is valid and creates a video recording of the session. Having these requirements enables for each transaction to be safer than actually meeting a local notary for their signature.

Once you are in the session, with a commissioned Remote Online Notary, you will discover they may not be physically located in your state – and that is Okay! As a Remote Notary they can perform these transactions so long as they are physically in the state in which they are commissioned.

You are also not limited to your physical location, as a Principal you can be located within the United States or Abroad. This also applies to any needed witnesses; they can witness your transaction from anywhere within the United States.

Allowing for these remote notarizations could not have come a more socially conscious time. Many believe that Remote Online Notarization (RON) came from the onset of COVID-19, however that is not true. The state of Virginia put the first RON Legislation on the books in 2011, well before we even thought about COVID-19.  Now most states are enacting their own laws and currently 29 states have already passed RON laws.

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